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To make progress on the issues we care about, we have to fix our broken politics. Ninety percent of Americans support universal background checks for gun purchases. Eighty percent want a tough but fair pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Seventy percent are worried about climate change. The list goes on. But because of our broken politics, Washington is doing nothing.

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To fix our politics, we must overcome the forces trying to separate the American people from our government: special interests working to replace the public’s agenda with their own; politicians insulating themselves from accountability through gerrymandering and voter suppression; and foreign actors infiltrating our democracy.

The Bennet Administration will make fighting this corruption and strengthening our democracy a top priority. Our plan aims to drive the money and special interests out of our politics, while bringing the American people back in. It builds on the historic H.R. 1 package that passed the House of Representatives earlier this year.

We have an incredible opportunity to usher in a new era of progress. Like generations of Americans before us, we must fix our politics and build confidence in our noble exercise in self-government.

Political plan

Political leaders, academic and think tank scholars, journalists, and pundits across the political spectrum have offered all sorts of remedies for these political and economic ills. Require all students in high school, or earlier, to take one semester of debate, and ideally incorporate debate into humanities and possibly some science classes as well.

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