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Protected Childhood

The period of childhood is a phase in which the human being is more vulnerable because they have not finished developing physically or mentally. Furthermore, the child requires a particular attention and protection. The principle of the superior interest of children is also tied to the necessity to protect children. This principle involves two important rules :

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All the decisions regarding children have to be taken in the exclusive interest of each child to ensure their immediate and future well being.  All the decisions and acts must imperatively guarantee the child rights. The superior interest of children is subordonated to a protection of the child.

First of all, child protection must be ensured by the parents and the community which surround them, then by the states. Of course, the well being of each child can not be obtained in the same way. Each child is a unique human with specific needs.

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Political plan

In order to ensure the child’s well being and superior interest the states must establish a protection system for the child. An effective system includes laws, politics, procedures and practices intended to prevent and fight against various problems of mistreatment, violence and discrimination that can damage a child’s well being.

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